Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I did a messenger race this Sunday. It was a good time. This is a picture of me carrying a Next MTB for a delivery. I think it weighted 35Lbs . . . Notice the double crown fork Nice touch!

I'm riding a frame I built about a month ago. it's a 3 speed specific Cross bike. It's held up to everything I could throw at it. I've bunny hopped many curbs with it . . . Hence the name "CurbDestroyer" . . . It's a sloping top tube, single speed, cross frame, with a cable stop braze on, and a modified over the top Suntour cable guide. I might post pictures later, but I already have plans for a couple more frames.

I used to ride a fixed gear everywhere, but I had this 3 speed hub sitting around and I find I really like it. Gears with no Chain Slap!

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