Saturday, January 17, 2015

Roval The Original Aerodynamic Wheelset

Roval the original aerodynamic wheel set. Roval was a French company that made these wheels back in the 80's. Roval was bought by Specialized. A lot of people have not seen the original wheels, so here is a look.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Soul Ride

A Soul Ride is a ride where you just go out and ride wherever and for no reason. No set route. It's not a training ride, or endurance event. It just is.
It's also a ride without watches, computers, or GPS. As you can see my handlebars and stem are void of any devices that might distract or interrupt the meditation of sorts.
It's December and it's 60+ degrees.  A little cloudy, but that's December. Blue Ridge Blvd is the perfect road to warm up on. It's really flat for roads around here. It's a good road to ride a fixed gear on too as far as training goes, but we are not training today.
Blue Ridge Blvd. ends at Wilson. Just off Wilson is Benjamin Harrison Elementary School. It  was built by KC School District in 1913.  Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States (1889–1893). He was the grandson of the ninth President, William Henry Harrison.
Independence has a lot of late 1800's,early 1900's architecture. Since this is a Soul Ride we are free to checkout the details you won't see on contemporary buildings today.
Looking North off Wilson Bride you can see the Worlds of Fun roller coasters, and other rides in the distance. I haven't been there is a long time. I'm pretty sure they still had the Orient Express if that dates it.
Heavy Metal! There used to be a plaque that told what this thing is, but I guess someone took it. I can only assume it was a metal plate as I'm entering the Sheffield/Armco/Kansas City Nuts and Bolts District.
Aaahhhhhh The sounds of trains, heavy equipment, and crashing metal. My grandparents lived pretty close to here and it brings back childhood memories.
I think it would be better to have a sign that says "Free Hugs" here. Super Flea, what is What is Super Flea? 
 A little 1-1/2 lane street passing under some railroad tracks. Not a sketchy as it looked.

World's oldest 7up sign? 
Some know it as the Concourse, other the Colonnade ( a row of columns supporting a roof, an entablature, or arcade.) Whatever you call it, it was built in 1907-1908. 
Since it's over 100 years old it's hard not to be drawn to it. It's in pretty good shape considering the traffic it gets. I've see 20 year old structures in worse condition.
The long descent down Chestnut Trafficway. If I was going to Knuckleheads this is the road down to it. It's a long grind that's for sure. My camera doesn't capture it, but those who know, know.
A tree lined street into downtown. Didn't go there either, but it's always a sight to see.
The Green Duck Tavern. It on some historical tours here in KCMO. Why you ask? At about 1:00 a.m. on July 15, 1970, Leon Mercer Jordan an  American politician and civil rights leader was killed just outside the Green Duck Tavern. 26th & Prospect is always interesting. In fact there are a lot of interesting little nooks around here that you don't usually see. Unless it's Sunday Morning.
An interesting building as I enter the Leed's District. Leeds Assembly was a General Motors automobile factory in Leeds Kansas City, MO. It was closed in 1988. At its peak employment, over 4,500 persons hourly and salary worked at the Leeds plant producing 60 vehicles per hour on two production shifts.  The General Motors operations are closed, and the facility has been sold and is now used as a warehouse and for outdoor storage.
Sonny's Bakery, Deli, & Barbeque. I did some searching for any mentions of this place, but I didn't find any. I find the internet is not what it used to be. I suspect 5 year ago a search would have revealed something, but now all it reveals is places to eat and stuff to sell you on.
Finally a picture of Blue River.
The city has been doing to lot of work on it in the last few years adding pedestrian and bike trail along the river.
I'm not sure how far or how long the ride was, but then that's the point.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's been a while

It's been a while sine I've posted anything. Zipp, Service Course, Cyclocross bar tape is good stuff. Get it for your road bike. Your hands will thank you. A little more padded, with a rubbery texture for sweaty hands. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Porky's BBQ Ride Rport


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Threaded Headset and Commitment To Non-commitment

Just when you thought the threaded fork and quill stem was a thing of the past.
Some of the new crosstown bikes are using threaded 1-1/8" forks and quill stems. I like this for the city/hybrid bikes. It gives easy adjustability of the stem without committing to cutting a fork steerer down and messing with stem spacers. 
Speaking of commitments, I see Mr. Goodcents has dropped the Mr. to become known as gender ambiguous Goodcents. Not that I care. What's interesting to me is their commitment to being neutral (...don't want to offend....), and making their distinction as just being...."Deli Fresh". I suspect if I ask them, "How is your deli different from others", they would just say, "we taste "Deli Fresh"". I'm not sure this would get by Don Draper.
I wonder if they still offer 6", 12", or 18". I mean if you are using the English standard system means you are against the metric system....right? It's not possible both measuring systems would work, one must be right, and the other must be wrong. Maybe they offer subs in "Health Maintenance Length" for 12", and "Active Lifestyle Length" for 18". Then this leaves the 6"....who can eat a 6" sub and come away still not hungry anyway? How about "Abbreviated Health Maintenance Length?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

PD-M959 Pedal Rebuild and Frozen Knee Saver Removal

I have a set of Shimano PD-M959 (Before XTR) pedals that I put a set of KneeSavers on that got frozen on the spindle. I put the kneesavers on to give myself ankle clearance for when I wore my winter shoes or shoe covers. I discovered this winter I really don't need to be spaced out that much, so I decided to remove them. What I discovered was they were frozen to the pedal spindle.
The problem is this model of pedal does not have the usual 15mm flats on the spindle to tighten the pedal to the crank arm. Instead the pedal can only be tightened using a 10mm allen wrench on the back side of the spindle. However the backside of the KneeSaver / extensions is solid and covers the allen wrench access. So the question is, how do I get it tight? A strap Wrench and as you can see the KneeSavers have 22mm flats.

The first thing I did was drill a small 3/32" hole through the backside of the extension to allow a penetrant like PB Blaster, WD-40, or Liquid Wrench access to the blind side of the threads. After a week of soaking it didn't budge. Time for the frozen bolt torch technique.

I had to remove the spindle from the pedal body and disassemble it. First you need a 17mm wrench and since this is the right/drive pedal the threads are left hand thread. Why left hand thread? If they were right hand thread and through a process of "mechanical precession" they would loosen up over time. So it's Righty Loosey.

Unassembled and ready for the torch. Those are 3/32" bearings, even with a magnetic bowl one managed to escape me. No big deal since 12 fill the whole bearing race.

The idea with the torch is, you want to heat the extension so it expands breaking the bond between the two. You want to heat the extension, not the spindle as best you can, so keep the heat on the extension. Yu want to heat the extension so you get a little discoloration. Too hot or you will be deforming the threads and possibly welding the threads don't want that. Once you start getting some discoloration you might hear a popping sound of the two becoming unbounded.

Let it cool, but while it's still a little hot, see if you can work it loose. I was able to get about 1/16 of a turn, and that was just enough to get some momentum. Be careful here, the vice grips are clamped on the flat part, not the bearing races.

1/16th of a turn became 1/8th, became 1/4 turn and so on. After about 15minutes of work the kneesavers/extensions are off.

You have to put those 12 bearings on the bearing race in that barrel looking thing, then slide the barrel thing over the spindle. Use a fair amount of grease, this will allow the bearings to stick and not fall out. Remember to put the plastic bearing retainer back in with the beveled side up. Then just put in the last set of 12 bearings.

Remember it's Left hand thread. So it's Lefty Tighty! There you have it. I used PhilWood grease so it's buttery smooth.