Wednesday, August 2, 2017

He's Back...20 months later

The BLOG is back to getting frequent updates.
Since my automobile is I.C.C (Internal Combustionally Challenged), I'm back to commuting by bicycle. I've been getting a lot of questions about how I go about doing things. So I'd like to share the way I go about doing things when my bicycle is my main transportation. Some things will include bicycle selection, maintanance, clothing, route selection, bag(s) selection, security, and my dead-pan sarcastic sense of humor with 80's sensabilites.

If you are going to commute by bicycle, you must have a bicycle. I have several, but my cyclocross bike is the one I use most of the time. Here are some details

Frame: Straight Gauge 4130
 I built the frame myself frame straight guage 4130 tubing

Fork: WinWood Carbon, (Kona Branded)

Brake/Shift levers: Dura Ace 7800, 10 Speed
 The Best performing shifters ever made in my opinion. The routing out the side of the lever gives the cable very  little friction, and thus longer cable and housing life.

Brakes: Cantilever; Paul, Touring
 I bought these from a friend. If I were to buy them I'd have a "Neo Retro" in the front instead of a "Touring". They are simple  and adjust and work well.

Bottom Bracket: Ultegra 6600
 It's an Exo Bearing, Bottom Bracket. It spins....What more do you want?

Chains: KMC 10 Speed
 I'm not a big fan of SRAM chains, Shimano chains are a little better, but in my experience KMC works the best for the  money.

Crankarms: Ultegra 6600, 175cm
175 may seem long for road, but when I got back into racing, I raced mountain bikes where 175 is the norm, so all my bikes have 175mm cranks.

Handlebars: FSA, 44cm

Handlebar Tape: Serfas
 I have to replace this tape. I'll show you how to do it soon

Pedals: Shimano SPD, 979 (Before XTR)
 After 15 years they still work well. 

Saddle: Bontrager
 Saddles are a trial and error process. I really like it. You might like something else

Seat Post: Aluminum
 It generic and holds the saddle. I wanted a Thompson setback 26.8, but I've never gotten around to it.

Stem: Bontrager, RXL 11.0cm
 I used to have a Thomsen 12.0 Elite 4 bolt. I decided about a month ago to go 10mm shorter. it rotated me up, so I can  see the road, and in doing so put less weight on the front of the bicycle, and more weight in the rear. I like it. From center  of bottom bracket, to top of saddle is 73.5cm. When people go into bike shops and get thier position set. In my opinion  it's just a starting point. There is adjustability. If you are not comfortable, you are not going to want to ride.

Wheels: Mavic, Ksyrium
 These are some race wheels I inheirted. I would not buy them for everyday commuting, but they are light, fast, and strong.   The bad part is, it's a pain to find replacment parts for these wheels. No one is going to have them local unless I'm lucky.  It's better to just get conventional 32 J-bend spoked wheels.

Tires: Continental, GatorSkin Hardshell 700c x 32
 I've been running Continental tires since 1990. Light, Fast, and durable. recently I went from 28c to 32c. the larger volume  adds comfort to the ride and extra durability. You can say the 28c tires are faster and have less rolling resistance, but any  speed you gain will be negated by all the traffic signals you will hit.I guess if you live outside the city and have a long  interupted run you can make a case for 28c, but in the city...fugetabout-it

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