Sunday, February 10, 2008

The front triangle is assembled

The front triangle is assembled I should be able to get the stays done. I don't mind the cutting and mitering the tubes, I find it fun and challenging, It's the brain dead cleaning up of all the brazing that I'm dreading . . . Filing, Grinding and Sanding.

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Heres a little close up of the head tube. This is the tube after a little filing. This is my second bike and I have a lot less filing than I did on my first one. First I'm tinning the joint, then I'm putting the fillet on with a bigger flame than I did last time. To clarify I'm using a bigger patch of heat, but not hotter. I used to get caught up in what the flame should look like, what size tip, or whatever. The only thing that matters is the heat. How large, and how hot.

This is the Bottom Bracket. I have a lot of clean up here. This is a little more trickier than the Head tube area. The Bottom bracket is thicker and it takes more time to heat up. One trick is to heat it up inside as well as outside. You have to hold the heat on the bottom bracket shell, more than the joint like you would the head tube area.

And the backside of the bottom Bracket

Can't wait till I'm done with my 10th frame. It's all about heat . . . actually you can throw cleaning the tubeset in there to. Having clean tubes, and a good amount a flux makes it so much better. I think my next purchase will be a Gas Fluxer.

What's Gas Flux? A gas fluxer adds flux to the flame, it helps fight contamination of your work, and it helps the brass flow better.

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