Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 2 of TT Frame

I've got getting my miters done in about 35 - 40 minutes. I was going to show a "how to", but the pictures didn't work out the way I wanted. The frame right now look like I'm building it for someone 6'-7" tall, but you have to leave the tube extensions for when you braze. The heat with distort it if you don't leave the extension to support the shape when you add the heat. Hopefully by then I'll learn to work my camera.
A lot of time is spent adjusting the jig to the right specs. It looks easy enough. The thing is on my drawing I had the seat tube at 54cm, but that was center to top and I had to go back and find the center to center dimension that is 45.5cm. seems small be remember the design revolves around the seat to pad drop on a TT bike. In order to get the seat above the pad 9 inchs I had to make the head tube 3". and so there you have it.
The top tube is 52cm. seems short but the thing you have to remember about that is I have a 78 degree seat tube angle, so that pushes the front end out, so you have to spec a shorter top tube.
I've done all the math, now it's time to find out if it really works.

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