Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another frame and a ride

Tentative plans for another frame. This is a road frame. This time I'm going with 2x 1/2" down tubes, and 2x 7/16" top tubes. I think I'm going to make the top tube and seat stays out of one piece of tubing. 7/16" dia 4130 is easy enough to but a subtle bend in, I just need to decide on a radius. Funny enough I'm going with a conventional seat post. I started with a split seat tube, but I want a front derailleur. I don't have a Front derailleur braze on handy to measure so I don't know what the offset would be. Also plans for a head tube cutout and more.
And I have a ride planned. It's just an easy ride. a good excuse to get out and have a cup of Joe and meet new people whether they are new riders, or people at the coffee shop just curious about the ride.

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