Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Wheel

This is one of Moser's bikes he used for one of his many hour record attempts. I'm sure it's not light. Look at the chain, it looks like it's 200+ links. There is a quote about Moser, and I think it goes something like this. "He is an imposing site of almost effortless rotorary action".

Moser has good "form" on a bike, and that is different than having good "style". "Form" meaning his position and action on a bike is something you will find in a book. "Style" meaning, and what applies to most of us, is that your body doesn't conform to whats in the book. I'm not very flexible and stiff, so when I'm in the TT position I'm still a billboard with arms and legs.

Greg LeMond is also a good example. During the wind tunnel testing they did back when Scott came out with the first Aero Bars. They found that Greg's shape on the bike was more aerodynamic than any other tested.

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