Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Concise Analysis of Today's Ride and Fitness

Well I don't feel too bad. I thought I'd be in worse condition since basically all I've done is just ride back and forth from work. I expected to come in around 60 minutes. I was late leaving so I have to rush the ride. I felt I was giving it 80%. I could have gone faster, but no reason.

From my stats it looks like when I'm in better condition I can complete the course 3-1/2 minutes faster with the same effort roughly. I say roughly because I spent about twice the time in zone 5 as other effort with the same heart rate (HR). The high heart rates came from the hills. So basically my ride was 140bmp then 180bpm repeat. Where if I'm fit I hover about 160 bpm.

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dmar836 said...

I can spike to 180 right out of the blocks. It seams to me that once you are on the road for an hour or so, your HR settles in, and in my case, I drop about 20 bpm for the same effort.