Monday, May 19, 2008

Turn-on, Tune-In, & Dropout

Got some dropouts this morning. I need to build a road bike. I know I have plans for the swing bike, but after riding around my TT bike all over the place I would really like a Road bike. Or at least have a bike more practicle for riding to work. The TT bike is nice, but it good to be able to see more than my front tire. I just want to rotate my position back a few . . . 5 degrees back.
Like Alton Brown I like Multi-Taskers. So when I saw that Surly made track droputs with deraileur hangers I couldn't resist. Yes tire changes are a pain, but how many times do you change tubes and tires. Now I can go with gears, single speed or go fixed gear. This would be the perfect Cross setup. I can race my class, and Single Speed on the same bike.
One question I did have was the location of the deraileur hanger in relation to the axel. It's not real clear in the picture, but I believe they are offset the same.
. . . and the road bike will be built around this Aluminum Fork my friend gave me. It looks like an old Vitus fork, but that's not really important. What's really important is intimidation factor. The same intimidation you might experience in the back alleys of New York if ambushed by from some 7 foot tall, tattooed freak. Since you can't tattoo your fork, this has the next best thing.
. . . Battle scars. This fork displays much as the same attributes found on a mosh-pit brawler.

Pictures don't do this fork justice. This grind mark is just one feature.
This fork just say "I Fear Nothing"! . . . and the best part is it was free!

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