Sunday, June 15, 2008

FD Ride Review

A nice fine sunny beginning. Seven people turn up for this Tour de Force at Benetti's Coffee Shop.

What do they say. A soldier can't march on an empty stomach?

First obstacle of the the ride . . . Who knew they were rebuilding Raytown Road? What's a little creek crossing?

Solution, Grab a board and make a "Bridge of Death" . . .

. . . and board you can get your hands on will do . . . or at least it was the first one. G-Money and another guy decide to go around a back route and meet us on the other side.

Ahhhh the second crossing. A handy I-Beam. . . . ahh yes . . .see they guy in the Pink & Green . . . that's Crusty and he tripped and fell. I didn't see it because I was doing crap like this

Up Scope!

Like I said I didn't see it, but lucky for me someone had a camera and recorded it

About a mile more down the road and I think the temperature changed 20 degrees cooler. It began raining on us about 15 minutes later, and we made it to Arthur Byants canopy Where we waited for G-Money.

There was a line outside Arthur Bryants so we rode to Grinder Pizza just down the road to wait out the rain, or see what happened. It was supposed to rain all day once it started, but it started a little early.

So in the mean time we do stupid things like this.

Mmmmmm Like the Card Board man said. Warm up the inner'ds on a cold rainy day . . . not too much now.

Things cleared off and we decided to venture out again. Here's the "FishBowl" . . . aka the Sprint Center. It's a new thing here in KCMO.

Here's a look at the Big MO . . . Missouri River
. . . and the railroad yard.
Here's the Strawberry Hill Museum. They were closed, or they didn't like the idea of a bunch of wet cyclist messing up their place.

It called Strawberry HILL for a reason.

Oh good . . . They are talking about driver, and not riders. Not us taking up the whole bridge . . . actually once again it was a closed road . . . a bridge no doubt . . . but hey we made the last crossing. How bad can it be? Not bad at all, we're not even sure why it's closed.

A look back after the bridge

We made it to another one of our usual destinations. Broadway Cafe. Here we see a double decker bicycle . . . Looks like a project for me. I'll see if I can go without using a drive shaft for a steer tube . . . and don't ask me about the missing downtube.

Some of the typical cloud formations for the day. Strange days.
We made it back to Benetti's at about 4:15. Not bad consider'n the rain.


dmar836 said...

Looks like a good time. Sorry I missed it(Kansas 70.3)
Do I see fixed in there? Maybe you should organize a similar fixed route with specified gear-inch for roadies. Everyone has the same suffering! I need to build a fixie soon!

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

I think you seen my 3-speed hub. I made that bike to be a SS Cross Bike, but then I found a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub, or I added 3 speed braze-ons. I work it with sti 10 speed shifters. For this hub to shift from 1st to 2nd is 4 clicks, then 5 more for 3rd, and then back down again. Most the time I'm in 2nd. 1st is really low, and high is really high. I think it would work better with a whell with a smaller circumference. Like a 26" MTB.