Saturday, June 7, 2008

How bout a nice 50 mile'r

Yep . . . another course. I have a 50 mile course I like to do to time myself on. I thought I broke 20Mph, but I don't seem to have it recorded. It's 47 miles of rolling hills, and then a gut check at the end going up Gregory hill to Blue Ridge. It's a challenge to me because I'll set out to ride the course in a certain time, say 20 Mph. If your right around 20 Mph with 5 miles to go, well I'm not going to say it's impossible, but you really have your work cutout for you. Your going to have to limit your loses. You really need to average 21 for the first 47, then you might make it
Yea it's 50.4, not exactly 50 . . . suck it up, it's close enough.

Here sre some of my times from last year and this mornings ride. I've ridden way more than 3 times, Well it's some reference anyway. I'm surprised I got it done as fast as I did. I think last year at this time I struggle to complete 50. After about 90 minutes, then I just kinda rolled with it. It was a kinda "Peek/See" at what's under the hood. If you look at the heartrates I was way above, but that will come with conditioning. Right now all I've been doing is riding 7 miles back and forth to more mostly.

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