Thursday, July 17, 2008


Thought I'd practice a joint before I venture on to a new frame. I had these pieces laying around, so I gave one the miter treatment.

After cleaning both tubes a level of clean reserved for operation rooms I applied the flux

To keep things from shifting you need a little weight to tack it down. Weight is where you find it.

This tack got a little hot. That's why we practice right. Normaly I'd tack this joint in 4 places, and I'd have a fixture to permit that, rather than a could weights. . . . It's Practice.

Then I tin the joint. It's basically a thin layer insuring it's sealed. Also you turn the torch up a bit more than you do when you lay you fillet.

Then I lay the fillet.

After soaked off the flux I gave it a once over with the files. Once again I got a little hot on the left side and the brass ran a bit.

After sanding out the file marks there you have it. Not perfect.

The process is a learning experience. You have to learn how heat effects the way your brass flows.

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