Sunday, July 6, 2008

TIme for Timer

I rode the new bike on my 50 mile course. I posted the fastest time I've ever ridden on it, and I haven't really been training. That probably explains why I cramped up at the end.
The bike rode like I thought it would . . . or actually the postition performed the way I wanted. Back Flat parallel to the road, head down. Not the most confortable ride, but that's not what the bike was designed to do. It was designed to put the rider in the most aerodynamic and powerful position.

Another note about that time is that the month before when I rode it at 2:40 I did that on my TT bike with nicer wheel and TT bars. This bike has 32 spoke wheels with drop bars.

Well anyway it was a test for the 80 miler next week. Looks like I'll be fine.

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