Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fixie Cross Anybody?

Yea Plaza. The famous Plaza Fountain.

On the other side of the fountain I found this Orange Bicycle.
I know White Bikes (Ghost Bikes) are for "People" that got killed while riding their bicycle. I guess Orange bikes are for "People" that got hit on their bicycle.

On the brighter side, what's new?

Cane Creek Brake lever for my CycloCross bike. I got a set of their SCR-5 brake levers. They look like nice levers . . . and are nice for the price ($40)

The hoods are nice and big, they really give you something to hold on to. The hoods are also real tight so they will not roll around on you . . . or the lever.

Cane Creek is an American company. According to Cane Creek

Most major Cane Creek components are designed and assembled by us at our
headquarters, including shocks, wheels and high-end threadless headsets. The
hands-on workmanship assures us and you of the highest quality control and also
reduces the time between a component's date of manufacture and the day it's on
your bike. We have a great deal of pride in being a US company that maintains
the highest standards of manufacturing excellence. It's another reason we stand
behind what we make

The only thing I don't like about them is lever seems to have more slop on the pivot than I would like. It's not bad. All in all I say they are the best value going. The thing is most levers have a shifting mechanism in them. If you race SS you don't need it and have to find a set of brake levers without it.
There you have it. Fixed SS CX (Fixed Gear Single Speed Cyclo-Cross) Before you could just say Fixie and single speed was implied, now Sturmey archer is coming out with a 3 speed fixed gear hub that has changed.
Mounted and ready to go.

I also have braze-ons to make this a 3 speed if I want to.

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Chasm said...

cool bike! i look forward to seeing it in person, im very curious about the 3 speed sa fixed hub.