Monday, October 13, 2008

Monster . . . The October Ride

As some of you know know the ride was originaly going to be 235 miles . . . Yea a Monster . . . At this time of the year I would run out of sun light . . . maybe even during the summer. So I changed it to 144 miles . . . why 144 . . . 144 is a gross . . . It's a gross amount of miles. In reality I don't have time to do a long ride like that. So it just going to be a little friendly ride around Raytown again.

I might have to make the 235 mile ride a little longer and make it a 2 day ride. We'll have to pull Henry Meyer. If you don't know who Henry was, he was a kansas city resident, and world class cyclist from the Late 1920's-1930's. Back when he used to race they had 600 mile races where if they got tired they would just take a nap in a ditch to the side of the road. The problem with this was you risked getting your bike stolen, while you were asleep, so they would chain it to their legs . . . no joke.

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Anonymous said...

long live henry meyer!