Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Road Angle Experiement

Why have a normal looking road bike? What's the point of making a custom road bike that just falls in line with the rest.

I always liked the looks of the SE Quad Angle, so why not make a road bike that looks like the Quad Angle. The Original 1979 SE quad Angle.

Not the revision from 1983-85ish . . . The one that the seat stays attach to the seat tube . . . although it was made from Reynolds 531.

Not to be confused with the STR-1. (Stu Thompson Replica). The STR-1 actually came before the Quadangle. It was a Prototype. The downtubes actually go down and cradle the bottom bracket and become chainstays
. . . or the repro retro. although I will be going with 1-1/8" head tube, and not 1".

Let's just hope the design translates from a BMX bike to a road bike better than this . . . though I still might take it.
Yes I didn't mention the Freestyle Quad, Aluminum Quad, or any of the other "Quad" variations that came out after the Reynold 531 Quad came out . . . They don't count as far as I'm concerned. When they started attaching the seat stays to the seattube, is when they lost me.

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