Sunday, December 14, 2008

So far so

Been busy with other things lately. So hopefully I should be able to pick up the pace. I don't expect to get my parts till the end of this month, so I'm not in too much of a rush.

Frame sans seatstays. hopefully I'll have those and possible the rest of it done this week. Not a lot to say so far. All is going to plan. I do say I need to Practice, or not stop brazing in between frames. I'm getting better at this heat control business, but I'm not where I'd like it to be, or where I think I can take it.

I've got a lot of sanding still to so. I haven't had any surprises so far. I think if I had it to do over again, Where the downtube, and top tube crosses I'd braze it with Silver. I just flowed so brass on it. Probably too much.
My camera doesn't work well with the closeups, so this is about as close as I can get without posting a blur. I still need to file and sand a lot. Hopefully I'll be able to us my friend's camera and show some of what is going on.


dmar836 said...

Lookin' good! That downtube configuration would be a good MC frame design.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice, but no looptail? Gonna fabricate some landing gear for it too?

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

I've been thinking about building landing gear fork(s). I thought about don't it with a loop tail design, but I had enough problems bending just the chainstays, Plus I think I'd have to use 5/8" chainstays instead of 3/4". Just to name a few complication, then I'd have to fabricate dropouts.

Anonymous said...

Still looks great, I had a quad back around 1984, somewhere around there, replaced a broken PK with it, lookin forward to seein how your's turns out, great work!