Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The frame has no cloths?

I thought I'd take some pictures before it got dark. I'm still in the middle of going over it. Over and over, and . . .

A picture from the back. I probably didn't need that cross brace on the seatstay, but I put it on anyway. Can never be too stiff . . . Right?
The water bottle braze-on braces. This was and endless source of entertainment.

The bottom of those tubes
The bottom Bracket. With all these tubes you have to get creative when filing down the brass.

Seat Stays, Seat-Tube, and my home made hydro brake cable mounts. I didn't have my camera when I was making these. A set of 4 took me around 3 hours. I took 2 pieces a square stock and started filing. It's a lot easier to just buy them. Not only that it's a lot less work you have to do. To say I'm burned out on working on this is close. Every detail you add is just more work you have to do. Take for instance the braze at the top and seat tube. Sure i could have spent more time making it look nicer, but It's just getting painted over, and as long as it make a smooth transition who knows. It's like to get to the point I'm make brass rings, but I'm sure it'll come as long as I keep practicing.

Ahhhh . . . brake tab.
The Bottom bracket and the chainstay brace. You thinking witht the clearance so tight how did he get a brace in. I had a problem. With 2.7" tires the front deraileur would hit the tire in the small ring, so I had to make the stays longer putting the rear tire all the way behind the front deraileur.

This was the best Bottom Bracket I've done . . . Progress

The brass on the downtube look funny.

This is what the inside of the headtube looks like after reaming it out. My guess turned out to workout. I thought I was going to have to take a lot more out.

All in all I've learned to be a bit more patient. Sometimes less is more, and what I mean is making more work for yourself is just making more work for yourself. or maybe put another way is . . . Sometimes you find yourself wasting time working on something cosmetic, instead or working on something that could really use your attention.
I think my brazing still has a ways to go, but I think it's better than some production frames I've seen . . . believe that or not.
Well . . . Time to paint.


The Unabashed Blogger said...

Color scheme?

dmar836 said...

Looks good. I'd ride it!

sexydyke said...

looks sweet....but it is a little small for me. i love the fillets they look sexy. can't wait to see the paint.