Thursday, March 19, 2009

The figures and the stats

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First off the 200k brevet is not 124.25 miles, but instead a little over at 130 miles. I was planning on riding my fixie, but what gear? I made this spread sheet where I can input the numbers in blue to find out my ride time, MPH, and other tid bits. The red text is for convenience store stops, which happen to be check points. Also I have list the check point opening times . . . don't want to be too early. Then it occured to me, maybe 130 on a fixed gear in March might be a bit much, so why not break out the 3 Speed Psycho-Cross. According to Sturmey Archer 1st gear advances 133%, and 3rd retards at 75%, so I also included those to see what the 2 other gears would be equivolent to.
For example if I change 43 to 40 (or any number in Blue or Red)you see that change reflected in all the figures.

I suspect I'll make changes, but I think it's pretty good so far. Who doesn't like statistics.

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