Friday, May 22, 2009

As I like to say . . . There you have it!

What helmut size would he take?
The next ride will be in June on Father's Day. (June 21, 2009)
Sunrise to Sunset
5:53 AM - 8:47 PM
That's 14h, 54m for those who don't want to do the math.
So far I've got 3 ideas for a route.
1.) Ride from here to Nebraska Border and back. Just note that southeast corner is an Indian reservation. It's about 210 miles round trip (Might have to hussle).

2. A tour of the North. Basically going over the I'm mad as heck route. We will go over 210 liberty bridge, then ride East to Lexington, and back over the Missouri River over the Lexington Bridge.

3. A tour of South Missouri, A big 150 mile loop or so.
The ride will be called "A Day Without me". In short; avoid the usual obligations involved with Fathers Day. Ever notice all those Father's day commercials, where the day is dress in "Business Casual". Business Casual? . . . Sounds like an Oxymoron Yea that's what it is. It's Father's day, . . . your day, Fun (Casual); but you still have obligations (Business). Drop the Oxy . . . Moe-Ron!, and hit the road.
Thought this was pretty Cool. Click on it, and see it all it's biggness!

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