Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Week's Ride

Well . . . I had 3 people show up for the ride. I thought since I put up flyers at the coffee shop and rolled back to milage to 12 miles I might have gotten some more local participation. I could have got more participation if I posted the ride on Bike Info, JCBC , or other calenders, but it would have yielded the same local turnout I'm afraid. One rider did turn out though. I really strong rider named Seth. He says he does a lot of riding, and his performance prooved that, not that we were going fast since it was the 12 miles of leisure. It's just since there were 3 people we rode at a pace the whole group found comfortable.

Hey WunnSpeed I still have those glasses. I believe it was at the Cruise the Blues that I robbed these baby's from you because I forgot my sunglasses. As side from turning my nose bridge green they work perfect.

Click this sentence, then Scroll down to "Base Metal" and learn why your skin turns green.

What no Colnago? . . . Nope, Got Bob's Kona, King Zing

It's a cabon fiber frame. I suspect the whole bike weights around 15Lbs. Since it's Carbon fiber they can manipulate the tubes on the frame into different shaped to flex in certain ways. For example this is not your typical Chainstay shape.

On the otherside note the shark fin action. I'm sure they have a reason for this other than making it look really neat.

Full Campagnolo Record . The performance of the group is flawless, and resistence to wear is Epic.

Like Johnny Rotten says "This is what you want, this is what you get"! It's really Light, It's Stiff. It works really well. It's a race bike . . . Period. Contrasting this bike to the Colnago I was riding last week, I found the steering more stable, I found the Colnago was more twitchy. However I found this bike ride very . . . Dull. I'm going to give it another week, since it rained all last week and I had to ride the Raleigh. Plus I will add the frame is a tad too big.
Manufactures talk about frame flex, component flex, whatever. If you buy into all that. I think most of it is in your head. The Colnago was Steel, with a square taper Bottom Bracket. The Kona is Carbon Fiber with external bearing Bottom Bracket. I could not get the chain to rub the front deraileur under stress any differently on both bikes.
I like to go into bike shops and soon enough the guy will try to sell me a bicycle, and soon enought he's using the phrase "Transfer of Power". Look. I bet the difference in lose of drive train power between my Raliegh, and Kona is not much over the whole entire ride. . . . Call me "Crusty" . . . Call me old and grumpy. You will feel it when you out of the saddle and giving it H.E. Double Hockey sticks, but what percentage of the ride is that? . . . but that's just me. Ask anybody who knows me, I'm king of the phrase "Run What you Brung" . . . or is that "Broughten"?
The real difference is ride geometry. If I can couple the steering performance of the Kona, to the ride perfomance of the Colnago, I'm golden!

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Anonymous said...

I could go for another Saturday morning leisure ride on the 9th or 23d. After the last leisure ride, I felt like riding more, so I rode back to Lee's Summit with the intent on my wife taking me back to Benettis for my car....but I still felt like I rode back to Raytown. I think I had coffee three times that morning.