Monday, July 6, 2009

Blue Hills Bike & Hike

If I get enough information together, I'm hoping to start a Vintage Kansas City BMX web site. I know the information is out there, I just have to find it.
I'm going to start things off with Team Blue Hills Bike and Hike.
Above from left to right are, Curt Bales, Drew Jameson, Mark Denton, Brian Duff, and Todd Dean. If you were from Kansas city and you were fast on a BMX bike, odds are you raced for Blue Hills Bike and Hike. I believe the picture above was taken at the St. Joe. BMX track the summer of 1979. I didn't start racing untill the fall of 1979, so that picture is before my time.
I still have my Blue Hills Bike and Hike Shirt . . . No Really . . . I still tote around a t-shirt from 1979.

I still wear it sometime, and people ask me how old it is, and I tell them I wore it to go see "Jaws". OK 3 years off, but I have a 30 year old T-Shirt, You gotta give it to me, OK who else still has and wears . . . Wears Mind you . . . a 30 year old T-Shirt? . . . None of you, thought so. By the way it's a Hanes Beefy-T, made in the good ol U.S. of A.
While I'm tooting this T-Shirt's horn, I'm going to say, try that with T-Shirts of today. You will be lucky to get 30 days, much less 30 Years. I got a whole closet full of today's POS T-shirts, that after the first wash they start curling up at the bottom.
Quite a transition for tracks today. Hey check that out real dirt. Most tracks today are paved until the first jump, and all the national tracks have the corners paved. This was when BMX was Bicycle Motocross). Also notice that guy standing to the side of it all. He the race starter, He tell the guys to get ready, then he pulls that rope, realing the latch that drops the gate, then has to pull it back up by hand. . . . allllll freaking day . . . No electronics, or hydraulics, Just a lot of hard work for pat on the back if he was lucky. I beleive the riders are starting left to right are Curt Bales, Tim Edwards, Tim Applegate, Drew Jameson, Doug Prather, and Mark Denton.
Not quite the perfectly manicured tracks of today. That's one thing you don't see, Car tires lining the course. I'm not sure why they don't do that these days. It's not like there is a shortage of used car tires.
This is the race Flyer for the series.

I Knew St. Joe was small, I guess small enough to reguard the Bike shop as "The Bike Shop" if you need race information. Special thanks also has to go to Dick Gibson for his efforts in promoting BMX at that time. His Son Steve Gibson was also reguarded as being one of the faster kids on the USA at the time. He was on Torker's Factory Team.


krw said...

I used to own blue hills bike & hike with my partner George Bradley
old henry and jeff used to come by daily- ken willoughby

Fritz Stout said...

I worked for George at BHBH, with Mark Wagner, Gary Hummel and Dave Fry, in the late '70's and met Henry through the shop. Henry had the most amazing collection of post-war gear, including a Reynolds 531 frame he said was made from the tubing of a crashed Spitfire. He had some of the earliest Campagnolo gear I'd ever seen, including a spiral-sprung rear derailleur and a hand-driven front derailleur with the lever up by the seat cluster. Awesome guy, Henry, racing BMX well into his 70's and hopefully beyond.