Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fresh Air

Got out and about for 2 hours today. Not too bad 37 degrees. Actually I like the country roads out in south eat KCMO.

I have been feeling stale, so I decided to inject the body with some clean country air for a couple minutes. Sort of an oxygen transfusion.

and the bike. Hows that yoke coming along? I decided to go another way. That first yoke weighted 12oz. This one is significantly lighter. Instead of coming off the BB with a round 1-1/2" tube. I'm ovalizing it this time. The things you can do with a vice, 4 c-clamps, wood blocks, and 2 pieces of 1/2" barstock. I took the 38.1mm round tube, and made it 45mm x28mm. The trick is to pad the vice with the wood. The wood cradles the tube as you press it, rather then crushing it in steel jaws. As your doing that you need to re-enforce the sides so they don't collapes by clamping the 1/2" pieces of barstock to the sides. It also give something for the tube to form around as it bends.

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