Monday, March 22, 2010

More drive by blogging

Up late again.
Once a friend of mine hipped me to knotting up my extension cords like this, I'm never going back. It flys apart in seconds, and it doesn't take long to knot back up, and you also don;t have to unravel the whole thing when you use it.

Ahhh the chainstays. I have 22mm round chainstays, and a 17mm wide dropout. With a vice, some wooden shim to craddle the tube, and give taper to the squeeze, you too can do this in a matter of hours to do both sides so they match.

It's a matter of going little by little by little, once you go too far, you can't go back. crimp a tube, and it's game over . . . not that I would feel that bad. These chainstay are thick, they don't like to bend.

On the other end it's going to look like this.

There you have it .
Now time to make the miters a little tighter, and on to the brazing.

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