Thursday, May 27, 2010

Industrial Bike Revolution Primer

Upon gathering info, for a route though the industrial areas of Kansas city. I discovered they are organized. They are coordinated through a council called the Kansas City Industrial Council (KCIC) . According the the KCIC we have 6 industrial Areas.

1. Bi-State Turkey Creek Association
2. Blue Valley Association (BVA)
3. Central Industrial District Association (CID)
4. Dodson Industrial Association
5. Northeast Industrial Association (NEIA)
6. Swope Park Industrial Association (SPIA)

So there you have it. The map from which I will work. Since this is Kansas City, Missouri, it doesn't include other citys. For example Raytown, the city from which we wll start. Raytown has an industrial district the Central Business District (CBD) . One of the bigger (if not biggest) business there is Shamrock Cabinets. Check out what they do.
. . . and we will see that.
In planning the route and logistics. There are 2 areas that are outside the flow of things.
The Dodson Industrial Area
The Dodson Industrial area may be the oldest, organized district in the City, dating back well before World War II. It is primarily located on 85th Street, between Prospect and 71 highway.
Dodson was the name of the township, before it became part of Kansas City. So at one time it was Dodson, Missouri. And thanks to
We have a picture of a trolley that used to run fron Dodson, to Waldo, to Westport.

Some of the business you will find there are:
1. Dean machinery
2. Alber Electric
3. Bratton Corp.
4. Genesys Corp.
5. Kraft Tank
6. Labconco
7. Nitro USA
8. Infiniti Logistics
9. Kissick Construction
There also used to be an ice company at 85th and olive I'll have to check out.
Dodson Bridge . . . don't forget Bridge hunter!
Gee only ridden uder this bridge 10,000,000 times. Take a few 1,000,000 here or there.
. . . and
Swope Park Industrial Association (SPIA)
This industrial park is located at the intersection of 75th & Cleveland. Established in the 1950's, as many as 44 trains a day move up and down the track by the entrance/exit to the park. . . . That’s a lot of trains!
The business you will find there:
1. Salvajor Co
2. Gasket Engineering
3. Livers Bronze (You should really see this cool stuff)
I don't think you can have a tour of the Kansas City industrial areas, without including all 6 areas, but they are kinda out of the way, and they don't have any exciting infrustructure, and/or have any retail shops open to make it fun. I think we will have a vote at the start. I suspect it might add an hour or so to the ride.

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