Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here we go again

Just out on short urban adventure. Well here it is in all it's grandure. KCMO's Civil War Memorial. . . . yea.

It's that the bottom of the hill of the Byram's Ford Industrail Park. On Manchester, just north of the 63rd& Manchester intersection.


Hey Buddy . . . it's the . . . BIG BLUE MAP!

Tour Stop 17? . . . 17? . . . There must be more! . . .
and the
Knows about these things

It seems I'm on the War thing lately, but as they say, it's the only thing going on in this town. What else do we have a series of historical markers about. I do like fun architecture

An argyle brick building?

I bet Jethro is glab Jed Clampett got around to installing that cold beverage contraption.

Yep . . . hard to believe it supports a train.

But this is why we ride. Every now and then you ride across one of these gems. Literally.
For some reason this bridge reminds me of this song.


I'd tell you where this bridge is at, but . . .
Also this weekend was the Tour of Kansas City. Fun enough I found these artifact in my garage. a 2nd place Cat-4 in 1987, and a 3rd Place cat-3 in 1988. These have to be the first 2 years I raced it. I suspect I lost these two races because of the Time Trial. Yep back then we had a Time trial. I remember in 87 it was a time trial at Cliff Drive, a road race up north, and a Criterium at Liberty Memorial. I don't remember 88 so much.

Hmmm just thinking about it all in 1987 I was 18 years old. 2010-1987=23. That was longer ago than my age at the time. . . if that makes sense?

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