Sunday, August 1, 2010

A BMX Kinda Weekend

Well . . . First things first, or First thing's second. I placed 2nd at the Redline Cup Central Qualifier at Raytown BMX.
I was in First place going into the first corner, but I wasn't able to hold off a more skilled rider from St. Louis. The tracks today are not what they used to be, they require more finess than they used to.
The name of the game is preservation of momentum. You have to know how to use the backsides of the jumps to maintain speed. You have to compress your bike and body weight.
Oh heck . . . . let Barry here show you, He make it look easy, Its smooth relaxed bike control. You can see how he compresses the bike on the backside of the jumps to propel him over the next set of jumps.

Sunset at OTC from BarryNobles on Vimeo

Out of all the tracks in the central United States, Raytown BMX was also chosen for the Finals in October. We had people from all over the Midwest today. It was good to see, and got to see some old friends come out of the woodwork.
Also one of the guys bought this PK Ripper Fixie a couple days ago.
Some people don't like it because its trendy, but I kind of like it, maybe it has something to do with being born at the time these things came out. I don't know, I'll let you decide.

Fluted seatpost is an interesting add on. but the original seats had a red and yellow lighting bolt, If I remember right they did fade a bit in the sun, but never to a point that they were white. -

I didn't get a good picture of it, but the spider has a cheap appearance, it's polished, it's anodized, but it has a pitted surface, it looks like something that comes on a department store bicycle. I think they should have something different.
But I have to say . . . These are way cool. I think it's a pretty cool bike.

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One Eyed z said...

Wow. That PK Ripper fixed gear looks great. I had read/heard they were doing that but I hadn't really seen one yet.