Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Purple Shade of Brown

The Purple Shade of Brown . . . make of it what you will.
The KC Sprints Pub and Pedal was a good thing. Rules are as follows
For some reason I didn't recognize the matchbook rule. It not only applies for the bars on the list, but any bar . . . Big oppps.

I teamed up with Jerod from the shop, and the bars circled are the ones we visited. Basically there were 3 loops. Wornall road & What's happening, a midtown Circle, and a downtown circle. We had a few distractions, on of them being heavy rain. usually rain is not a big deal, but I didn't want to ruin my camera and phone. I did manage to remedy the phone problem by emptying out my water bottle, and putting my phone inside
FPF . . . Fits Phones, Fine.
I'm not sure how we did. I think we did OK, but I know the usual suspects made all 17 with time to spare. What can you say, they are fast and good at what they do.
It was a good time, and next year I'll be ready.
I rode my CurbDestroyer Fixed gear 44x16. As time goes by, the more and more I like fixed gear. The key is, know thy-self. 44x16 works out to be 2.75:1. That means for every 1 rotation of the crank arm, the rear wheel rotates 2.75 times. I thought for city stop and go it was a good choice. If I'm in real good shape I'll ride 3:1 something like 48x16, or 45x15. and if I feel real good 3.125:1 (50x16), or 3.25:1 (48x15).
One day I decided to ride a fixed gear 100 miles in less than 5 hours. To do this you have to average 20Mph. To determine all this first we need to find the circumference of the wheels/Tires. Good thing Continental Provides this for you.
I rode 700x23c, or how they put it, 23-622 (The bead diameter of a 700c rim is 622mm). They have 2122mm or 6.96' feet. I also would like my average cadence or crank RPMs to be 90. So you take your tire roll out 6.96' x 3:1 (gear Ratio), So your bike travels 20.88' feet per crank revolution. At 90 RPM, your bike travels 1879.2' feet per minute, or 112752' feet per hour, or 112752/5280=21.35Mph.
I finshed the 100 miles (Summer Breeze Course) in 4hr, 56min or 20.25 Mph. So I was pretty much on target. I remember being over geared on a couple hills, but nothing I couldn't over come. I think I could have pushed 50x16.
Some of my planning using another manufactures diameters to get a rough/close estimate
In this one I figure the difference between using a 23c and 25c tire. What does a 2mm difference make with 44x16 @ 80RPM? The 25c tire averages .08 Mph more, almost 1/10 Mph more with the same gear and cadence. Now I'm not saying 25c tire are faster, you will have to compensate for the larger wheel diameter

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