Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yea . . . It's a Good Read

I guess it's book Report day.

The Book, "The Best of Bicycling!". Bicycling as in Bicycling the Magazine. This 450 page book was published in 1970 and includes the best articles from 1965 to 1970. This was back when Bicycling Magazine wasn't just a big advertisment. They covered every facet of cycling; touring, competitive cycling, cycling for health, equpiment, and technique. Take for instance the competitive cycling section. They cover the 1968 Tour de france, 68 Olympics (Road & Velodrome), Cyclocross, and Interestinly enough racing in Japan particulary Keirin . . .

This article here was written in 1969. It tells how and why Keirin was started. What it takes to be a Keirin racer. With 4500 racers in Japan you had to work your way up through the ranks. Average rider could expect to make $280/month (1969), top racer could make $445, and one guy (Hirama Deiki) made $52,777 in 1967.

Also check this out. To implement Keirin they built 53 first class velodromes in Japan . . . 53!

The book is full of this kind of information. I think I've had the book for 10 years and never really gave it a serious look . . . Well Surprise . . . What's also another surprise is it's well written. What I mean is, they did use dumbed language, or in other words they sometimes used BIG words, because they were more concise. . . . not something like this

On another note . . . MWI (My Wife Incorporated) is accepting applications for the Gents Race in March

The Gent Race is Old School simple. Just some guys getting together for a day at the races.

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