Friday, February 18, 2011

Bike Ride da 26th

Let the games begin . . .

Crusty made a good itinerary for the up coming bike ride, we'll keep it at that. Come one, Come All, if you seek fun, and posses a love for Bikes, Coffee, Beers, and Tubas.
2:30- ? Street Cred
6:00ish Benetti's
6:30-? Rhineland
Some changes to the Gravel/Cyclocross/Do-All-To-All were made. I guess this is the 5th revision according to the last post I made about this construction.
After riding the first Cyclocross frame I built I decided to make a couple changes. I'm lowering the bars 5mm and moving them out 10mm/1cm. I also increased the seat tube angle 1 degree, this will give the rear tire a little more room to preserve the short chainstays.
I've also decided to route the derailleur cables under the bottom bracket. I see some frame builder route them on the top tube, but this just adds another piece a cable housing for the rear derailleur . . . Guess I could be tricky and route that internal to. However I also see a lot of builders route them under the bottom bracket. I've heard the pro and Cons and it's 50/50.

Then route the rear brake cable through the top tube. I figure it would be a fun thing to try, and for mounts and dismounts why not eliminate knocking around the brake cable?
Parts List: - Brake bosses

So without Brass, Flux, Acetone, Sandpaper, Paint, and . . . ? . . . bandaids I'm looking at $175. I see Surly Cross Checks selling for $400. I suspect other froms made from double butted 4130 are around the same price range.
If your trying to build a frame to save money, believe me the grief you will save yourself will be well worth the $225. I suspect it might take me around 40 hours to build this frame which works out to roughly $5.65/hr . . . minus Brass, Flux, Acetone, Sandpaper, Paint, and . . . ? . . . bandaids; and that's if those price are still good, seen the prices of things lately? . . . now that's another rant for another day.

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