Sunday, February 13, 2011

Donut Dash

Couldn't Make it to Street Cred Stage 2 yesterday, But I did manage to get out for a while this morning.

Changed the tires on the 3 Speed. Dig the reflective hoops. My Continental 28c Sport Contact tires are noticably faster than my Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded tires. The Nokians are so much slower I was thinking about changing to a lower gear with the Nokians.

Riding just past the Thuman Library I saw Poppy Donuts. I thought it might be fun to have a Tour de Donuts. It been a while since I've been in a donut shop and the smell did disapoint. Also it was good to see a lot of "Experienced"people. People who know what donuts should taste like. I ordered a glazed and a chocolate. The glazed was outstanding, and the chocolate was good . . . both much better than those corporate donuts. Also if you get the idea to ride to 52 donut shops in 52 weeks and review donuts . . . That idea has already been taken.
52 Donuts BlogSpot
And a review of Poppy's

Aaaaah The Rheinland Restaraunt. Want some good food, this is the place. Also if you check their event's calender in two weeks (02/26) is the Fasching or german carnival. This sounds like a good destination for a bike ride. Actually it was the destination of a ride two years ago. We all had a good time and vowed to return. However I was informed we could come up, but seriously doubted we could get a table, because they are booked for that day 6 months ago. Just when I thought I was on top of the ball getting there two weeks in advance. I say lets go there anyway, what's the worst that can happen? . . . Will we get thrown out by Techno Viking?

The penciled in plan is to Ride Street Cred Stage four, then ride to Benettis, then ride to Rheinlands. If people don't want to ride Street cred they can ride
meet us at Benetti's about 6pm.

Then past the good Ol RLDS church.

Then past Pace Bike Haven. Here a bike shop that been around for a long time. Mark is a good guy, and if you get a chance, go inside and check it out.

Ever wonder why if you go inside a super market, they have a section called "Health Food", or in this case "Health Market"? I mean if the healthy stuff is there, what is the rest? Frankenfood?

This is why one place I like is "The Store" . . . It 's a little grocery Store in Raytown called "The Store"

The smell of there Barbeque is almost criminal. As you can see they have won contests, and I can tell you they are most deserved.

How About "Rat Shack"? Don't they sponsor some guy that got sick, then only to come back and win the worlds hardest bicycle race 7 times against the other worlds best racers who were all doping except him? . . . anyway "They" got the nickname "RatShack" during the days of the "Blue Box". I don't know if this is the case or not now, but some "Suspected" they would keep a list of what customers bought, and if you bought a combination of items that could build something . . . unsavory . . . you just might get a visit.

Here's a site Jazzy Pet Spa. Every pet needs a good bath and massage

I also got a Zum Bar while I was out, and as you might have guessed, Indigo Wild who makes these soaps are local to Kansas City. However today I noticed something different. The Betsy Bar. It smells pretty good, and the price of the soap won't put me out as much as cancer would so I say lets give a little to the cause. Plus the rides over . . . Shower Time

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