Saturday, February 26, 2011

Street Cred in the Street Crud

The Street Cred series for 2011 is over. Too bad it was a good time.

This stage was called the "Riddle Race". We all started off with a clue to where to ride to, to find the next clue to where to ride to . . . I'll spare you the specifics. The ride was about 17.5 miles (from what I can estimate from maps), and had 9 stops if I remember right. I finished 6th and the ride took me about 2 hours. I had a few hicups, for instance 39th does not go through to Mission, and if I knew what "Folfing" was . . . Frisbie Golf . . . But that's Street Cred, Who can navigate the streets the best.
For those of you with nice equipment . . .

It's probably best that you all stayed home. It was Street Crud. From time to time you got to hear the crunch of road salt and sand between your chain, sprockets and gears. For this ride I chose the CurbDestroyer 1 With a 3 speed wheel. 39x16 worked perfect.

On the schedule for this evening was the ride from Benetti's to Rheinlands for Fasching. Of the 5 people I knew were going to go. Nobody showed up.

So I was left to my coffee and Macchiato by myself. It not so bad. The question was should I go or, cash in my chips for the night? With Fog, 31 degrees, and the prospect of not getting in, because they said they were booked 6 months ago, so I decide to take it as a sign and cash it in.

However 3 of you want to do it next week, and I suspect at least 3 or more of you do to. Which sounds like a good idea, this time we will have the restaraunt to ourselves like we did last time. So lets go back Jack and do it again.

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