Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Chainstays pt.1

First off I'd like to take time to acknowledge my new favorite hot sauce at the moment. It's made here local in Grain Valley, and comes from a company called Little Dixie Harbour. It's a thick sauce that has a lot of spice/flavor to it, without being overly hot.

I'm going to use a set of Salsa brand dropouts I've have sitting around.

Jig setup for 430mm ChainStay length.

Jig setup for 65mm bottom Bracket Drop.

What? . . . Conventional . . . I think Not. I'm going to use 2 x 1/2", 4130 tubes for the chainstays. Being Cyclocross my concern is mud and crud getting caught inbetween the tubes. I might add a gusset to prevent that. It's an experiment. My thought is that the 1/2" or 12.7mm will provide plenty of clearance without dimpling the tubes. Then doubling them up with give the needed stiffness . . . nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Ready for the ends to get tacked on.

a Look-See at the tubes on the bottom Bracket.

I look at the seam I'll have to "negotiate" after the ends are brazed in place.

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