Friday, May 6, 2011

Facing Mustache/Judgment Day

To face a head tube, or tubes in my case your going to need one of these. It reams the inside of the tube to precisely to 30.1mm, the faces the top perpendicular.

In it goes for this side.

Once the bore is in, then it's face time. Be sure to use cutting oil. There is cuttng oil, you just can't see it in this picture.

Since the bike is based upon it's ability to swing. I thought it was nessessary to make all the tolerances as tight as I can make them . . . Even if it is a RoadMaster.


Mustache/Judgment day ride. May 21 …2-n-1. 21

Grow it, Stick it, Draw it on. You must have a mustache to ride.
Also this date is the same day some people believe is “Judgment Day”.

let’s do both at once…21…2-n-1…Mustache /Judgment Day …it all seems to fit

The ride will start from Midwest Cyclery, then go North East towards Knuckleheads, then back West towards Strawberry hill, then back towards Wesport to Buzzard Beach with stops, detours in between.

Meet at Midwest Cyclery at 4pm

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