Monday, May 30, 2011

More Chainstay Madness

Yes, you've come to the part when you exhale loudly, then say, "Oh Gawd, now what"? It's the simple pleasures in life that makes us laugh, and the complexity that makes us frustrated.

Oh the complexity. This is no.3 . . . filed by hand . . . to failure. How long do you think that took, I don't know, can't count that high.

The idea was to add that chainstay cross piece were all familiar with. However with four chainstays something needs to be reworked. I thought of many ideas as you can well imagine. I thought this might be the simplest plan of attack. I thought wrong.

You would think that plate would be a simple solution. There are a couple problems. From the side the distance between the chainstays gets larger towards the bottom bracket, then from the top the chainstays get closer together towards the bottom bracket. That makes mitering that plate real difficult. It would be a lot easier if that bootom bracket wasn't there.

So this is the solution I decided on . . . none. Doesn't need it. I put some tubing in, and it didn't make a lot of difference. Besides I didn't like the look of the plate, and tubing make it look a little busy plus it made a good place for dirt and mud to get hung up on.

This is what really stiffened up the rear. The seat stays are longer then the chainstays, only makes sense.

Still have to add the H2O bottle Mounts, and the front deraileur pulley jobby. Since I want to ride this bike on the road as well as CX. I need to place the bottle mounts so I can maneuver the front deraileur up and down for 44 as well as 52.

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