Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seat Stay Beesness

got bees? . . . One day you come home from work and as I say, "It's just kind'a like that". Now what? I'm not a bee farmer . . .

but Andy & Wendy from Nowachek Apiaries are.

. . . . got bees?

Now that the chainstays are on, it's time to align them. They were not off by much. This is just one of the many tricks I have up my sleeve to make sure they are in good alignment. I have a granite taple top for an alignment table. I just haven't gotten to making that yet. From all my tests, everything is within less than a millimeter. I know some people like the get the alignment to where the thickness of paint can throw it off, but at some point I think we reach the point of diminishing returns considering how much a frame flexes during a ride.

There you have it. Ready to braze.

This Saturday is the Mustache/Judgment day ride.

Grow it, Stick it, Draw it on. You must have a mustache to ride.
Also this date is the same day some people believe is “Judgment Day”.

The ride will start from Midwest Cyclery, then go North East towards Knuckleheads, then back West towards Strawberry hill, then back towards Wesport to Buzzard Beach with stops, detours in between. the ride will be between 17 to 20 miles.

Meet at Midwest Cyclery at 4pm

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