Sunday, May 1, 2011

Swing Bike Frame pt.2

The swing bike so far . . . sans Headsets

All the tubes are in place. I still have some cable guides and stuff to "modify". That mean the stops will have to be made into guides. Since the frame pivots at the seat tube you have to use housing all the way. Hopefuly after tonight I'll have the frame in position to paint. One modifcation you might notice is that I flipped the down tube around so maybe those water bottle braze-ons will be usable.

Got my MWI team jersey . We race Cyclo-Cross.

Got my MWI Coffee. It's a custom blend made by Benetti's. It a medium roast coffee, so its got a charge; and a flavor you want to sip all day. It's also a coffee that tastes the way it smells. By that I mean for example if you grind a coffee like Indian Monsooned Malabar, that smell doesn't really caputure the slight mustiness that gives Indian Mansooned Malabar it's distinction.

Got my MWI Embrocation. It's a custom mix made by Mad Alchemy.

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