Saturday, June 25, 2011

This week's photos of interest

I got to see the some of the Mirraco Freestyle team do what they do. Photos can't capture what these guys can do, videos would have been better, but you can't beat being there in person. If you get a chance to go see freestyle contest, or exhibition I recommend going. It get the adrenaline going.


shea said...

Impressive work! The tube extensions at front & back are very unique. Now you just need a custom insignia plate on the front like "HH" or your "CD" icon. Are we gonna see this piece of work at some CX races this fall?
It matches the Midwest kit really well!

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

I might try to make a few races this year. Right now I'm trying to dust the cobwebs off. I'm a little rusty.

The headtube/downtube idea was borrowed from an Old BMX bike. The company is was called VDC, and the model was the Changa. However on thier bikes the top tube and down tube were bigger than the head tube, and they had the machinery to drill through the tubes, rather than do what I did, and fake it for the looks.