Monday, May 21, 2012

Been Kick'n it Old School, well sorta

Been riding around the block on this of late. It's a Direct Link. It's a company out of Nebraska, owed by Tim Lillethorup. He was one of the Nebraska Boys. He was a Pro and could mix it up with any of the pros on the coast. He's a good guy and I always looked forward to talking to him.

The cruisers in my day had longer chainstays, seat tubes, and head tubes. They also were 26" and not 24" when I first started in the 70's. Actually if you want to get technical they were orginally beach cruisers. Now they look more like 24", 20" bikes, instead of cruisers...if that makes sense. Also this frame is aluminum and sports an Answer Carbon fork. Compared to plush ride of my old 4130 steel cruiser,  this one feel like a Carbon Tennis racket. It's really light and stiff.

I rode it around town the other day. It's slower than my road bikes, so when you cruise around town you are more likely to ride streets and go place you normally wouldn't. Plus you get a new respect for hills, this is even counting my fixed gear.

If you're into cruisers or 24" BMX bikes check out this guy's BLOG Cruiser Revolution .

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