Saturday, May 4, 2013

Old School Cycling Fundamentals

Old cycling fundamental books are a good thing. This is from a series of books from Bicycling Magazine in 1985 called "Riding & Racing Techniques".

I've never seen this in any other "Fundamental" book. This is good to know this time of year.... There are more flats in the rain because water works as a lubricant to help any piece of glass you might have picked up to pass through your tire. I remember being taught this thumb wrap around technique back in the day and being told, this is the no.1 reason to wear gloves. Knowing this kind of brings a catch 22 to using fenders, because fender make it impossible to brush the rear tire.
The book also has no less than 8 pages dedicated to the fundamentals of pacelines. Another fundamental that people should know. When it's your turn at the front, it's not time to emulate Eddy Merckx and speed up the pace 3-5mph. It's called a "pace" line, not an interval line. I was talking about gloves right? Sorry a pet peeve of mine.