Thursday, July 4, 2013

Threaded Headset and Commitment To Non-commitment

Just when you thought the threaded fork and quill stem was a thing of the past.
Some of the new crosstown bikes are using threaded 1-1/8" forks and quill stems. I like this for the city/hybrid bikes. It gives easy adjustability of the stem without committing to cutting a fork steerer down and messing with stem spacers. 
Speaking of commitments, I see Mr. Goodcents has dropped the Mr. to become known as gender ambiguous Goodcents. Not that I care. What's interesting to me is their commitment to being neutral (...don't want to offend....), and making their distinction as just being...."Deli Fresh". I suspect if I ask them, "How is your deli different from others", they would just say, "we taste "Deli Fresh"". I'm not sure this would get by Don Draper.
I wonder if they still offer 6", 12", or 18". I mean if you are using the English standard system means you are against the metric system....right? It's not possible both measuring systems would work, one must be right, and the other must be wrong. Maybe they offer subs in "Health Maintenance Length" for 12", and "Active Lifestyle Length" for 18". Then this leaves the 6"....who can eat a 6" sub and come away still not hungry anyway? How about "Abbreviated Health Maintenance Length?

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