Monday, February 4, 2008

1969 - 1980

I was born in Independence, MO in 1969, about a year later we moved to a a 16 acre farm in Orrick, MO. In 1974 I learned how to ride a bike on a Huffy, Thunder Road.

In 1976 I moved to Raytown, MO. I got a Mongoose, Moto-mag (No pictures). I guess you could say Bicycle racing was in my blood. I moved to Raytown I was ready to plant my flag . . . literally . . . as the fastest kid on a bicycle. I’d put signs up in my front yard to the effect that if you thought you were faster than me on a bike, then bring it on. My dad was continually taking these signs down.

My dad was in construction and met some who son was into BMX Big Time. George Stewart. He was one of the best racers Ever from Kansas City. So not long after I started racing BMX bicycles in 1979 at the age of 9. I got my first race bike at Katchum Schwinn off Truman Road. It was a Candy Apple Blue, Mongoose, Team SuperGoose. I know what your thinking, Why did he get another Mongoose if he already had one. At the time I still had my Mongoose Moto-Mag. The thinking was I would have a "Thrash Bike" and my "Race Bike".

For you Mongoose triva buffs there there is a difference between the Mongoose Moto-Mag, and the Team Mongoose.

The Mongoose "Moto-Mag": Only the main tubes were 4130.
The Mongoose Team: The entire frame is 4130.
Then . . . there was the Roger DeCoster Signature model the was a Mongoose, Moto-mag only with oval holes in the head tube gusset.

My first race was at the Downs Arena, The races were ran by a guy named Ed Bondurant. He called his association the IBMA. (International Bicycle Motocross Association). Downs Area was located just to the west of Shawnee Mission lake off 87th/85th . It’s a storage building right now, but back in the late 70's and early 80’s in was an indoor arena for rodeos, and BMX racing. And there were even 2 outdoor tracks. I’ve gone a lot of group rides that go past that building and little do they know the history.

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