Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Split Seat-Tube Road Bike

The Split tube 29r frame got highjacked. Actually I have another idea for my 29r, so I'm going to make another road bike. I was going to use a 1-1/8" fork, but since I have a 1" laying around I'm going to use that for a while to see if I like the 370mm chain stays. If I like the frame, I'll make a fork. If you have looked at the geometry you will notice one glaring detail about the fork it has 55mm of rake. I'd like to dial that back a bit to 45mm.

My plans tonight were to get the tubes miters for the front triangle at the least if not brazed together. Well in reality I spent the night finishing the seat tube, and redrawing the frame. So hopefully tommorow I'll get the front triangle done.

The seat tube worked out fine. I'm sure I cound have gone with 1/2" instead of 5/8" like a decided to do. However 5/8" works real nice when combined with the 1-1/8" seat tube. When all the tubes are assembled side by side, this leaves 5mm between the 5/8" legs and the edge of the bottom bracket. however this configuration only leaves room for a 23c tire as seen in a previous post. I'd like to use a 28c for my downtown adventures, so something is going to have to be manipulated since 1-1/8" converts to 28.6mm. So my mathmatics this leave you with 0.3mm space on both sides, but in reality it look closer to 1.0-1.5mm. enough to clear in the stand, but not enough when your riding.

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