Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Primer, always use Primer

I've decided to paint my first few frames with just Krylon spray paint instead of spending time and energy powder coating them or whatever. The thing is I might want to add something later. After all these first frame are R&D projects. My first frame I used the primer, but someone told me I could get away without it, tat if the surface was rough enough it would stick . . . complete bull . . . well maybe not, the actually the problem came from the fact the paint ran as soon as it hit the frame. I had sanded it all using 80 grit thinking that would be good enough for the paint to stick, and basiaclly I'm just looking for something to keep the frame from rusting. Basically after a few swipes my frame looked like a melting candle. So I've spent the last 3 days cleaning all that yellow goodness off. Now were going to have a cold snap so I don't know when I can finish it.

So always use the primer if your going the rattle can route. It's not that the paint will stick better, it just won't run as bad . . . and I mean run. Completely ruined 3 days.

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