Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Four Pictures, For You

Here's some pictures after most of the paint has been removed. Some people wanted to see the "C D" cutout. The cutout will be backed by the seat-post, or anything I think of between now and the time I build it. The seat-tube does have one flaw with the way I made it. I capped the end so "stuff" wouldn't get inside the post. Only problem is I have and adjustable reamer, and I need a bottoming reamer to get to thebottom of the tube, so I can't get a post down any further down than 1/2 way down the "D". Live and learn, it's not bad. I already have a plan in the works to remedy this issue. You will see it on my 29r.

My camera isn't the best. I used to have a crappy 4 mega pixel, then it broke and I got this 6 mega pixel camera, that all is seems to do is make bigger 4 mega pixel picture if you know what I mean. The frame looks a little better than the pictures but you get the "idear". I still have some junk in the joints from the old paint, and it's not clear on the photos, but now is a good time for me to post pictures, so here the are.

(click on pictures to enlange)

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