Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well . . . it rides good if nothing else.

Well there you have it, all built up. I think I should have gone with a horizontal top tube. For some reason it just doesn't look good to me. Like I said it's an experiment. I took it out for a little ride this afternoon. It's very stiff, but what do you expect from 035"/.9mm straight gauge 4130. Tommorow I'm going to go out for a 30 milers and should tell me a little more than the 2 miles I rode it today.

The experience has taught me a lot about how to go about it next time. The split seat tube consumed a lot of braze (4 Sticks!) and extra time and weight. I'm going to build a single speed 29r and use this method to give it short chainstays.


eforendo said...

when do i get a curbdestoyer of my very own!!!! not as cool as you -


CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

Pretty Soon. After a while.

Anonymous said...

hey CD, i like it. i like the sloped top tube look. and i really like the split seat-tube. do you plan a butted tube/small braze volume (lighter) version?

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

I've got a few plans in mind for the seat tube, I'd like to build it close to what MecaCycle does/did.