Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time Trial Frame no.1

I guess if your thinking about doing some time trials, you had better have a Time Trial bike. I still might have a few tricks up my sleeve. I might still bend the seat tube for shorter chain stays, or a might eliminate the seat tube all together . . . that's right no seat tube . . . What will I do to remedy that? . . . Who knows. I got some ideas to build in a vertical compliance for really long time trials . . . Like 190 mile time trials!

The geometry comes from taking my body's measurements, and measurements on a trainer to make sure my thigh to torso is at 90 degrees when my pedal is at 6'O'Clock, and Shoulders will be above my elbow rests while being 90 degrees to my torso. (I'll post a picture later, but the fit process is well documented and easily found on the internet).

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