Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bad Angles

Well it looks like I got some work to do to conform to F.I.S.T.!

It look like I need to lower the seat some. I knew it was a little high . . . Anybody got a hacksaw? . . . Crap! This should turn that 92 into the 95-105 I'm looking for. Now to deal with that 85. I'm gripping the curve of the extension instead of the end of the extension. But when I achieve this 90, it doesn't place my shoulder above my elbows. I still need to rotate by lowering the bars some, but I can't because the stem is as far down as I can get it . . . well sand it. As for the 117 it's just a matter of rotation, and also remember I'm gripping the curve of the extension and not the ends.

1 comment:

crusty said...

Are you sure you are measuring the head of the femur and acromion?

It looks like you might be a little off!