Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tour of Raytown

In about 2 weeks I'm going to have a ride call the Tour of Raytown. It's basically a course around the perimeter of Raytown. It's 18 miles long and it took me 70 minutes. The original route went down Raytown road to 47th, but I wanted the ride to take about 1 hour. and I think this route accomplishes that goal. Plus I think it's a better start. Becaue going the original way would have just been spent going down a big hill. just to go back up to blue ridge . . . . If you ride this route you will know why it's called a "Ridge".

I got there about 8:30 and got some coffee and a muffin. I hadn't ridden the route, so before I posted a ride for the masses, I wanted to make sure it was OK. The route does have some stop lights, and some stop signs, but the route is circle with right turns so we . . . . we? . . . who's "we" suck'a? (Dirty Harry movie quote, I couldn't resist). . . . never really have to stop to cross traffic.
It's ok, but it's just for fun, and to get new riders out.

8:30am: Benneti’s

9:00am: Benneti’s

3 minutes, Blue Ridge Blvd. & Sterling: Ok one left hand turn.

7 minutes, Sterling & 47th. Not much traffic on a Saturday morning.

10 minutes, 47th & Norfleet: Here is where the Meat & Potatoes of the ride starts.

17 minutes, Norfleet & 61st: This is right before Norfleet Elementary

18 minutes, 61st & George: Hmmm George Road . . . Do you know me? George, George, George of the Jungle . . . Watch Out For That Tree!

21 minutes, George & Little Blue: Watch out for that Brick . . . Brick? . . . Whatchamacallit.

25 minutes, Little Blue & Woodson: Ok another lefty.

30 minutes, Woodson & 75th: Ok another lefty . . . what is this 3?

31 Minutes, 75th & Westridge: All right Folks, Up hill.

36 minutes, Westridge crossing 350 Highway: Crossing 350.

38 minutes, Westridge to Military/87th: This is where the longest non interupted section begins.

54 minutes, 87th & Blue Ridge Blvd.: Back to the Blvd. Time to cool down.

64 minutes, Blue Ridge Blvd. & 63rd: Righty Tighty

68 minutes, 63rd & Blue Ridge Blvd. Lefty Loosey: Arrgh . . . 4 leftys?

10:10am, 70 minutes later: Back to Benneti’s safe and sound.

I grabbed a Jones Soda and rode back home. That about it.

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