Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Assembled!

It's Assembled!

(If your playing along folks in the game called, "Where's the headset's lock-nut", You will notice it's missing . . . I don't know? . . . It's just gone . . . however I was luck enough to find that threaded washer thingy-ma-jigger.)

The assembly went fine, except for one part . . . The Stem. The stem wouldn't go far enough down into the fork steerer because of the short head tube. So the had some problems to over come. 1) Cut off the bottom of the stem. 2) Re-slot the bottom of the stem. 3) File the inside of the stem to match the contour of the wedge. 4) Sand down the radius at the top of the stem with 50 ans 80 grit emery to get it to fit in the steerer. It's not much, but enough that you might just consider finding a new stem.

One thing I could not change was the stem bolt became too long since I cut it off to fit in the steerer. The thread is 7x1.0mm. Ever try to find a 7x1.0mm die to cut more thread down the bolt . . . or find any 7x1.0mm bolt period, let alone a long allen cap bolt. I just needed a couple more threads, so I found a high profile lock washer to put under the cap on the bolt to fit into the stem . . . Yea! . . . Lucky!

This is probably the shortest seat post ever, It goes down into the tube about 3". I'm going to see if the functionality of the bottle cage on the frame is better than my jersey pocket. I can probably drop 0.5 Lbs. by cutting off the extension and using a 330mm post.

Not that weight is an issue, but I built it from straight gauge 4130 an it's pretty heavy. Also yes those tires are Continental, Sport Contacts. 28c and 480g a piece. They are tank tracks. I've had the tires for 3 years and cuts are minimal. Usually you have a tire for 2 months then you get a flat one day and it open the flood gates for more flats and you have to replace your tires. Not these tires. They are the more cut resistant tire I've ever had. They also just barely fit.

Good Ol Specialized Cranks. Great Cranks, They do use the 144mm bolt pattern, the same as old Campy record cranks. Some bike shops . . . MIDWEST CYCLERY . . . still have a lot of Sugino, and Campy Record 144mm chainrings at great prices . . . Some people may have a problem with the smallest, practicle, chainring being a 42t. I did say practicle. Avocet made a 41t chainring that just barely made it. I think I cracked about 3 of these before going back to 42t. If I remember right the top of the chain hit the chainring bolts . . . we're talk tight tolerances.

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